testata pisa

Many people think the only things you find in Pisa are the leaning tower and the Miracle’s Square. That is completely wrong!
The Miracle’s Square it’s the beginning of the discovery of an amazing city, that needs at least three days of visit to be appreciated. During that time there are many activities you can do,forexample, the wonderful Square’stour, whichallows youtoseetheCathedral, the Baptistery, the Memorial Cemetery, the Cathedral Opera museumandtheSinopiemuseum. However, the tour will not be complete if you do not visit the famous botanical garden, an ancient garden near Miracle’s Square.

The Inner city

Reaching the “Lungarni”, with their magical lights during all the day (but most of all at sunset), it’s a pleasant effort you can make, following the path that from Santa Maria street will take you to the ancient San Sisto’s church in Cortevecchia, the Cavalieri’s square, designed by Giorgio Vasari as the centre of the Florentine power over the city,(now university location, where you can find one of the most important university in the all country, the “Scuola Normale Superiore”).
Up to the arcade of Borgo Strettoand Vettovaglie’s square, in the medieval heart of the city, where you can find shops and restaurants.

I Lungarni e Le Piagge

It is hard to decide which Lungarno’s part is the best one.
The Tramontana part (north) that from the Cittadella with the beautiful Guelf Tower goes up to the Ponte della Fortezza, after admiring Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Agostini, Piazza Garibaldi and San Matteo museum, which has one of the most interesting art collection in Pisa.
Or the south part, which starts from San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno’s church, and it goes up to Santa Maria della Spina’s church passing in front of the famous Palazzo Blu (where many exhibitions are placed). Moreover, lots of others monuments such like Santa Cristina’s church, XX Septiember square, Santo Sepolcro’s square and the amazing Giardino Scotto, a perfect place for families, recently restored.
Yes, before deciding which part of the Lungarni is the best one, you must go through them both.
And you cannot say you know Pisa if you don’t proceed on your way along the river Arno, in order to arrive to the Piagge’s park, a green two kilometres long open space where the citizens of Pisa love to take a walk, to go jogging and ride their bikes. In the middle of the park, there is the new SMS expositive center, built in the San Michele degli Scalzi’s church, whose bell tower it’s even more leaning than the famous tower!

Keith Haring’s world

If you start from Ponte di Mezzo, you can walk through Corso Italia street- where there are the main shops- up to the famous Keith Haring’s wall painting called “Tuttomondo”. The artist realized his work of art a few months before his death, in 1989.
However, your journey in Pisa does not end here!

The Hide Pisa

Infact there is a secret itinerary, that not many tourist know which represent the soul of the city.
It starts from the Miracle’s square, goes through Arcivescovado’s Square and goes on to the Romans baths remains, called “Bagni di Nerone”.
It gives a digression to San Zeno, and the return to St. Catherine Square, San Francesco Square, San Paolo dell’Orto’s Square St. Peter’s square in Piazza Cairoli (which is call “Piazza della Berlina” from all the citizens of Pisa. Then it crosses the river Arno on the Ponte di Mezzo, follows Via San Martino and it ends in Chiara Gambacorta square, called from the citizens of Pisa “Piazza della Pera”.

The Sea!

Pisa is an ancient maritime republic that hasn’t lost her connection with the sea. Indeed, Pisa’s coast is known for his seaside resorts locations like Marina di Pisa (and his new port), Tirrenia and Calambrone, rewarded with a blue flag, with their beautiful beaches. They are the perfect place for families or for who desire to have a good holiday away from the city.
On the way from the city to the sea, it is possible to admire the San Pietro a Grado’s church.

San Rossore’s Natural Park

The Natural Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, is located in Tuscany, between Pisa and Lucca, a few kilometers from the famous leaning tower and the amazing Versilia not too far from Firenze, Siena, Volterra and San Giminiano.
It’s extends for more that 20 kilometers of coast on the Tirrenian sea (from Viareggio to Marina di Vecchiano, from Marina di Pisa to Tirrenia and Calambrone) and the rivers, lakes, pounds and canalsyou can find there, allows you to know and livean amazing variety of natural environment: pine’s wood, dunes, Mediterranean serub, bisedes areas dedicated to agriculture and livestock.
Besides many species of birds, in the park there are a lot of deers, bears, foxes, porcupines, dormouses, badgers and squirrels and more animals which are easy to find along the paths and near the residences.